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31 December 2011
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FTSE 100, S&P Europe 350
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8355 Banks

Eurozone: risk disclosures

This report focuses on companies’ disclosures of risks specifically considering information presented relating to the ramifications of the ongoing financial problems faced by the Eurozone as a whole and of a number of individual states within. This report focuses on the nature of the risks arising and the format of company disclosures.   

Provisions under IFRS

The focus of this report is the disclsoure of provisions within IFRS financial statements. Included is an examination of company disclosures relating to individual classes of provision such as nature and timing as well as movements during the year. Our analysis is based on the financial statements of 26 large listed European companies drawn from a broad range of countries and industries. 

Barclays plc Period End 31 December 2010

Barclays plc Annual Report 2010
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Barclays plc
Period End: 
31 December 2010
Report issued on 09 June 2011 covered the following practice issues:
No figures for reported contingency that materialised two months after annual report issued with numbers reported in press shortly after.
Adoption of new Code for Financial Reporting Disclosure contributes to greater focus and omission of immaterial information.
New Code leads to new format for risk disclosures, as sovereign risk moves centre stage.
Share-based payments disclosures streamlined and extra information given on awards granted.
Presentation of tax in statement of comprehensive income shifts.
Gains from 'own credit' that will be excluded from income statements under impending IFRS 9 "Financial instruments" reported separately.