The Service

Company Reporting is a high-value independent research service which reports on constantly changing financial reporting practice of public companies. Influential in monitoring and development of IFRS reporting for over two decades, Company Reporting is the primary source of best practice research for professional and corporate accountants, regulators and academics throughout the world.

The Process

We review annual reports of listed companies in detail and identify actual changes in corporate reporting practice and governance procedures. Through our in-depth analysis we identify evolving best practice, including the development of, and instances of divergence from, generally accepted accounting practice under IFRS.

The Analysis

Company Reporting focuses on the dynamics of corporate reporting for S&P Europe 350 and UK FTSE 350 companies, although not exclusively, and provides the best information on the market for maintaining effective risk management procedures in the field of financial reporting practice. Our reports generally come in modular parts - Summary, Analysis (our evaluation of change in a company's accounts or underlying reporting practices), and Extracts (taken from relevant company's IFRS accounts, allowing a real-life view on the reporting practices).

The Platform

Company Reporting services are delivered through an online subscribers-only area that is laid out purposely in a simplistic layout. The subscribers section is uncluttered with minimal advertising and basic branding giving you access to just the information that you are after. The online content has excellent links to topical areas and references to several companies’ best practices. Our users also have access to the full text of the latest IFRS standards from the IASB and extracts from annual reports of all the companies covered.