3i Infrastructure

Disclosure of the impacts of IFRS 16 "Leases"

IFRS 16 “Leases” will fundamentally change accounting by lessees as it requires assets previously off balance sheet under operating lease arrangements to be brought on balance sheet as is currently the case for finance leased assets. As a result on application companies will recognise both additional assets and additional liabilities. Consequently there will also be knock on effects in the income statement as operating lease charges are replaced by a depreciation charge and a finance expense. This report analyses the financial statements of a range of companies to firstly establish whether there has been any early adoption and secondly to establish what companies are disclosing in respect of IFRS 16 and its future impacts.

Investment entities exemption to consolidation: an emerging issue under IFRS

This report looks at the application of the Investment entities exemption to the consolidation requirements of IFRS 10 "Consolidated financial statements". We examine the scope of the exemption, related disclosures and the principal effects on the primary statements.

3i Infrastructure plc Period End 31 March 2009

3i Infrastructure plc Annual Report 2009

Restatement increases comparative net operating cash outflows by 5.5%

Jersey investment company 3i Infrastructure restates without explanation its prior year cash flow statement to reclassify £31.9 million cash in transit to purchases of investments and distribution to minority interests, with net cash outflow from operating activities increasing by 5.5%.