Segment disclosures and the chief operating decision maker under IFRS

This report sets out our findings in respect of a review of the IFRS segment disclosures of 25 UK listed companies, drawn from a range of different industries, as covered by IFRS 8 “Operating segments”. We consider a number of points including disclosures in respect of the chief operating decision maker, the factors used to identify reportable segments and whether there has been aggregation of operating segments and income statement and statement of financial position information reported by segment.

Deferred tax - Fenner

Period End: 
31 August, 2016
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Listing Status: 
FTSE Mid 250
ICB Industry Classification: 
2757 Industrial Machinery

Fenner PLC Monitor

Fenner PLC Annual Report 2016
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Company covered: 
Fenner PLC
Period End: 
31 August, 2016
Report issued on 21 March 2017 covered the following practice issues:
Change in accounting policy in respect of offsetting cash pooling arrangements following guidance from the IFRS Interpretations Committee.
Disclosure of post balance sheet disposal of a wholly owned subsidiary.
Disclosure of extended information on segment assets and liabilities.
Finalisation of provisional fair values attributed to assets and liabilities in respect of a business acquired last year.

Brexit Disclosures in Listed Company Annual reports

The referendum vote to leave the European Union (EU) has undoubtedly led to uncertainty for business and will potentially have far reaching impacts for companies from many different industries. This report, pulled together in March 2017, focuses on the information that companies have disclosed within their annual reports during the latter half of 2016. It sets out disclosures around risk as well as the disclosure of Brexit impacts which have already been felt and the resulting ramifications.

The classification of acquisition transaction costs, an emerging issue under IFRS

This report focuses on companies’ presentation of acquisition-related costs both in the income and cash flow statements. More specifically it considers where such costs are reflected in the income statement and whether they are identified as operating or investing in nature within the cash flow statement.  

Fenner plc Period End 31 August 2007

Fenner Annual Report Year 2008

Disposal into 'BEE environment' considered to be at fair value

UK manufacturer Fenner discloses that a South African former joint venture will operate in a 'Black Economic Empowerment' (BEE) environment but, in contrast to Anglo American, recognises no share-based element on disposal.