HMV Group plc Period End 24 April 2010

HMV Group plc Annual Report 2010
Sensitivity information begins to map high volatility of pensions
UK entertainment supplier HMV voluntarily discloses the sensitivities of its defined benefit pension obligations to changes in four assumptions, after a 43.4% increase in obligations over the year.

HMV Group plc Period End 26 April 2008

HMV Group Annual Report 2008

Discontinued operation contributes 58% of post-tax profit
UK retailer HMV reports a net profit of £51.7 million from a discontinued operation, that represents 58% of post-tax profit for the year.

HMV Group plc Period End 28 April 2007

HMV Group Annual Report 2007

Loss on investment reversed following acquisition 
Following an acquisition, UK retailer HMV reverses prior year £2.9 million fair value loss on its original 10% investment.