Investor AB Monitor

Investor AB Annual Report 2017
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Company covered: 
Investor AB
Period End: 
31 December, 2017
Report issued on 21 August 2018 covered the following practice issues:
Finalisation of prior year business combination amounts results in a change to goodwill.
Presentation of a reconciliation of movements in liabilities arising from financing activities in line with IAS 7 "Statement of cash flow"
Extended disclosure of the future impacts of new standards including IFRS 9 "Financial instruments" and IFRS 15 "Revenues from contracts with customers".
Disclosure of post balance sheet business acquisition including quantification.

Investor AB Period End 31 December 2008

Investor Annual Report 2008

Ambiguous disclosure of post balance sheet underwriting agreements
Swedish investment company Investor discloses that it has agreed to underwrite SEK4.5 billion of the rights issues announced by two companies in which it invests but does not explain that this includes its pro rata take-up.