FRS 101 "Reduced disclosure framework"- A review of application in parent company accounts of IFRS groups

The preparation of parent company financial statements is something that all consolidated IFRS groups have to consider. In light of the great level of recent change in this area in the UK this represents a one-off report giving guidance on the preparation of parent company financial statements under FRS 101 "Reduced Disclosure Framework". It focuses on UK groups that prepare IFRS consolidated accounts.

The report sets out the key findings from our review of the first-time application of FRS 101 “Reduced Disclosure Framework” by a group of 29 parent companies that prepare consolidated financial statements under IFRS.  We consider a number of points including: how companies informed shareholders of the intention to implement FRS 101; the format of the primary financial statements; disclosure of the list of exemptions taken; the concept of equivalent disclosure in the consolidated financial statements; the length of company financial statements under FRS 101; and changes in accounting policy on adoption. 

Ladbrokes plc Monitor

Ladbrokes plc Annual Report 2013
CR Monitor Issue: 
Company covered: 
Ladbrokes plc
Period End: 
31 December 2013
Report issued on 19 August 2014 covered the following practice issues:
Contingent consideration terms, caps and sensitivities disclosed for new business combinations.
Earn-out agreement accounted for separately from business combination.
Single discount rate applied to net pension liability.
Auditor describes application of planning and performance materiality concepts.

Cash Flow Statements - Ladbrokes plc

Period End: 
31 December 2011
Period End Date: 
Listing Status: 
FTSE Mid 250, S&P Europe 350
ICB Industry Classification: 
5752 Gambling
Ernst & Young

Cash Flow Statements under IFRS

Examined within this report is the presentation of cash flow statements. Areas covered include the presentation of cash flows from operating, investing and financing activities and the classification of specific items such as interest, dividends and changes in ownership interests within each. Our analysis is based on the IFRS financial statements of 20 large listed European non financial companies.


Ladbrokes plc Period End 31 December 2010

Ladbrokes plc Annual Report 2010
CR Monitor Issue: 
Company covered: 
Ladbrokes plc
Period End: 
31 December 2010
Report issued on 09 May 2011 covered the following practice issues:
Analysis of future minimum operating lease rentals restated.
Exchange rate sensitivity analysis enhanced