Man Group plc Period End 31 March 2010

Man Group plc – 2010
Cosmetic changes made to aid “an understanding of the key drivers of the financial position”
UK financial company Man changes the presentation of the notes to its financial statements to reflect their order of significance and to assist an understanding of the key drivers of its financial position.

Man Group plc Period End 31 March 2009

Inconsistent classification of an item as revenue

UK financial company Man reverses a prior year change to exclude from its revenue gains and losses on investments measured at fair value, leading to a lack of consistency, with current year revenue being boosted by US$260 million or 12%.

Separately disclosed items reduce profit by 40%

UK financial company Man discloses separately on the face of its income statement five items with a net expense of US$500 million that reduce pre-tax profit by 40%.

Disclosures about the nature of a US$107 million charge lack clarity

UK financial company Man reports an accelerated amortisation charge of US$107 million, which reduces its pre-tax profit by 12.6%, with its financial review suggesting that it is an impairment, leading to a lack of clarity.

Man Group plc Period End 31 March 2008

Man Group Annual Report Year

Gain on disposal represents approximately 50% of post-tax profit
UK financial company Man disposes of an 81.4% stake in its brokerage business by means of an initial public offering, whereby a gain of $1.7 billon is generated.

Reconciliation provided following changes to income statement format
Following disposal of its brokerage business, UK financial company Man changes the format of its income statement and provides a reconciliation between the current presentation and the comparative period as presented previously.