McBride plc Interims Monitor

Interim Financial Report
CR Interim Monitor Issue: 
Period End: 
31 December 2015
Listing Status: 
FTSE Mid 250
ICB Industry Classification: 
3724 Nondurable Household Products
Reclassification of artwork, design and product testing costs increases cost of sales.
Omission of segmental profitability.
Effects of defined benefit schemes on results and financial position analysed, as benefits restricted.

McBride plc Period End 30 June 2009

McBride plc Annual Report 2009

Insufficient explanation about a 17.5% reduction in goodwill

UK own brand products manufacturer McBride reduces its goodwill by £6.3 million or 17.5% but discloses only that this results from return of consideration relating to a prior period acquisition without specifying to which acquisition the adjustment relates and how it arises.

McBride plc Period End 30 June 2005

Learning curve emerges on treasury share accounting
UK domestic products manufacturer McBride admits a mistake in its treatment of treasury shares, whilst UK mortgage lender Paragon, which has also purchased its own shares for reissue, exemplifies the required treatment.