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Merck KGaA Annual Report 2017
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Merck KGaA
Period End: 
31 December, 2017
Report issued on 16 April 2018 covered the following practice issues:
Finalisation of prior year provisional business combination amounts.
Disclosure of the future impacts of new standards yet to be adopted including IFRS 9 "Financial instruments" and IFRS 15 "Revenue from contracts with customers".
Audit report enhanced by inclusion of key audit matters.
Segment disclosures extended.

Deferred tax - Merck

Period End: 
31 December, 2015
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Listing Status: 
S&P Europe 350
ICB Industry Classification: 
4577 Pharmaceuticals

Financial instruments offset disclosures: an emerging issue under IFRS

This report considers company disclosures in relation to the offsetting of financial assets and financial liabilities following adoption of an amendment to IFRS 7 “Financial instruments: disclosures”. It covers the disclosure of financial assets and financial liabilities that are eligible for offsetting under IAS 32 “Financial instruments: presentation” plus disclosure of those subject to master netting arrangements or similar agreements for which offsetting is not permitted.   

IAS 19 Revised "Employee Benefits", an emerging issue under IFRS

This report focuses on the early adoption of amendments to IAS 19 “Employee benefits”. It considers three main areas: the recognition of actuarial gains and losses in other comprehensive income rather than partial recognition through profit or loss; the replacement of interest cost and expected return on plan assets with a net interest amount that is calculated by applying a discount rate to the net defined benefit obligation / asset; and the recognition of past service costs.

Merck KGaA Period End 31 December 2008

Merck Annual Report 2008

Impairments and restructuring costs reduce pre-tax profit by 44%
German pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck recognises impairments of €344 million, principally against a business acquired last year, and restructuring costs of €98.5 million that reduce profit before tax by approximately 44%.