Misys plc Period End 31 May 2009

Significant exceptional items of different natures presented net on income statement

UK software company Misys discloses a small net gain as exceptional on the face of its income statement above operating profit that results from large items with opposite effects including a gain on part-disposal of a business and restructuring and integration costs.

Misys plc Period End 31 May 2008

Misys Annual Report 2008

Gain on discontinued operations leads to recovery of net asset position
UK information technology company Misys recognises a £73.6 million gain on disposal of discontinued operations 50% greater than its profit for the year, after classifying a further two businesses as discontinued in the year.

Misys plc Period End 31 May 2007

Misys Annual Report 2007

Impairment of goodwill in subsidiary reduces profit by 53%
UK software company Misys classifies a subsidiary as discontinued and recognises a goodwill impairment of £17 million that reduces its net profit by 53%.