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PZ Cussons Plc Annual Report 2018
CR Monitor Issue: 
Company covered: 
PZ Cussons Plc
Period End: 
31 May, 2018
Report issued on 19 February 2019 covered the following practice issues:
New disclosure in respect of the impact of new accounting standards including IFRS 9 "Financial instruments", IFRS 15 "Revenue from contracts with customers” and IFRS 16 “leases”.
Extended disclosure of critical accounting judgements and estimates in relation to a change in exchange rate used for translation.
De-recognition of a retirement benefit surplus following a change in respect of whether a unconditional right to refund exists.
Discussion of key audit matters included in the audit report.
Adiitional disclosure in relation to provision for potential tax liability.
Sensitivity analysis presented in respect of goodwill impairment tests.

PZ Cussons plc

PZ Cussons plc Annual Report 2015
CR Monitor Issue: 
Company covered: 
PZ Cussons plc
Period End: 
31 May, 2015
Report issued on 08 Feburary 2016 covered the following practice issues:
Acquisition of remaining stake in former joint venture treated as business combination.
Cash outflow paid for additional stake in subsidiary classed under financing activities, highlighting prior period error.
Accrued trade promotion expense included as an area of audit focus.

Eurozone: risk disclosures

This report focuses on companies’ disclosures of risks specifically considering information presented relating to the ramifications of the ongoing financial problems faced by the Eurozone as a whole and of a number of individual states within. This report focuses on the nature of the risks arising and the format of company disclosures.   

Segmental information - PZ Cussons plc

Period End: 
31 May 2010
Period End Date: 
Listing Status: 
FTSE Mid 250
ICB Industry Classification: 
3767 Personal Products

PZ Cussons plc Period End 31 May 2010

PZ Cussons plc Annual Report 2010
Restatement of figures leads to prior year revenue reduction of £56.3 million
Review of distribution agreement leads UK personal products company PZ Cussons to treat subsidiary as agent rather than principal and results in restatement that reduces prior year revenue by 6.7%.