The Paragon Group Companies PLC Monitor

The Paragon Group Companies PLC Annual Report 2016
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Company covered: 
The Paragon Group Companies PLC
Period End: 
30 September, 2016
Report issued on 11 July 2017 covered the following practice issues:
Statement of changes in equity shows separately reconciliation of movements for each component of equity including comprehensive income and transaction with owner elements.
A sensitivity analysis is added to the disclosure of critical accounting estimates.
Qualitative factors underlying goodwill recognised during the year explained.
Presentation of auditors' report enhanced by inclusion of graphical presentation in respect of materiality.
Auditors identify new areas of risk of material misstatement in respect of "Interest payable on asset backed loan notes" and "recoverability of goodwill".
New principal risk factors added to tabular disclosure including capital risk linked to Basel Committee proposals.

Segment disclosures and the chief operating decision maker under IFRS

This report sets out our findings in respect of a review of the IFRS segment disclosures of 25 UK listed companies, drawn from a range of different industries, as covered by IFRS 8 “Operating segments”. We consider a number of points including disclosures in respect of the chief operating decision maker, the factors used to identify reportable segments and whether there has been aggregation of operating segments and income statement and statement of financial position information reported by segment.

The Paragon Group of Companies plc Period End 30 September 2006

Acquisitions but not business combinations
UK consumer finance company Paragon considers its acquisitions fall outside the IFRS definition of a business combination.

The Paragon Group Of Companies plc Period End 30 September 2005

No paragon of IFRS virtue!
UK finance provider Paragon states that it will adopt IFRS from 1 October 2005 but adds nothing more.