Impending Changes: Disclosure of IFRS 15 Impacts

This report focuses on the disclosures given by companies in respect of the impending impacts of the new revenue standard IFRS 15 “Revenue from contracts with customers”. It considers the level of detail given by companies to determine the standard of qualitative information that companies disclose in relation to future changes in accounting policy and to what extent to date we have seen companies give quantitative information as to the impact the standard will have when it is adopted.

PayPoint plc Monitor

PayPoint plc Annual Report 2015
CR Monitor Issue: 
Company covered: 
PayPoint plc
Period End: 
31 March, 2015
Report issued on 19 October 2015 covered the following practice issues:
Fair value less costs to sell noted as greater than carrying amount for businesses held for sale.
Impending revenue Standard may have material impact, but no quantification given.
Information on finalisation of business combination given in accounting policies note.