Cash Flow Statements - The Swatch Group SA

Period End: 
31 December 2011
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S&P Europe 350
ICB Industry Classification: 
3763 Clothing & Accessories

Inventories under IFRS

Based on a sample of 28 large listed European companies that report under IFRS, supplemented by Company Reporting data and comment, this report analyses the disclosure of inventory accounting practice. Included is an examination of company disclosures relating to cost allocation formulae and a survey of the methods identified.

Cash Flow Statements under IFRS

Examined within this report is the presentation of cash flow statements. Areas covered include the presentation of cash flows from operating, investing and financing activities and the classification of specific items such as interest, dividends and changes in ownership interests within each. Our analysis is based on the IFRS financial statements of 20 large listed European non financial companies.


The Swatch Group SA Period End 31 December 2010

The Swatch Group SA Annual Report 2010
CR Monitor Issue: 
Company covered: 
The Swatch Group SA
Period End: 
31 December 2010
Report issued on 18 May 2011 covered the following practice issues:
Revised maturity analysis of financial liabilities still falls short of IFRS.
Comparative analysis of movements in provisions no longer provided.
Cash flow disclosures on business disposals.
Purchases of non-controlling interests accounted for as equity transactions with cash flows included in financing activities.
Change in reportable segments prompts restatement of prior year comparatives.