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Thales Annual Report 2015
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31 December, 2015
Report issued on 28 November 2016 covered the following practice issues:
Adoption of IFRIC interpretation results in change in recognition date for levies.
Settlement gain recognised on conversion of defined benefit pension plan into defined contribution plan.
Introduction of share purchase plan allows employees to buy treasury shares at a discount.
Analysis of joint venture and associate components of other comprehensive income presented by nature.

Intangible assets - Thales SA

Period End: 
31 December 2011
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S&P Europe 350
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2717 Defense
Ernst & Young

Intangible assets other than goodwill under IFRS

This report, based on an examination of the IFRS financial statements of 28 large listed European companies, analyses the disclosure of intangible assets other than goodwill. Included is an examination of companies’ intangible asset disclosures both on the face of the primary financial statements and in the notes. Areas considered include the disclosure of intangible assets separately from goodwill on the face of the statement of financial position, amortisation related disclosures and the presentation of a reconciliation of movements. In addition an examination of the significance of intangible assets relative to total assets is performed.

Thales SA Period End 31 December 2008

Thales Annual Report 2008

Non-consolidation of joint venture investment conflicts with IFRS
French defence and security company Thales recognises €24.5 million investment in a joint venture as an available-for-sale financial asset in a presentation that is misleading and falls short of IFRS.

Flattering change of presentation draws auditors' attention
French defence and security company Thales changes to include restructuring costs above income from operations, turning a 4% increase in the figure over two years into a 34% increase and drawing comment from its auditors.