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Finance leases - Carpetright plc

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30 April, 2016
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5375 Home Improvement Retailers

Land Lease Classification, an emerging issue under IFRS

This report focuses on companies accounting for land leases. More specifically it considers the reclassification of such as finance leases rather than operating leases following an amendment to IAS 17 “Leases”.

Daily Mail and General Trust plc Period End 4 October 2009

Transfer between reserves lacks clarity and enquiry reveals an error in previous disclosures
UK media company Daily Mail and General Trust discloses that a current year transfer between reserves relating to an unrealised gain should have been made last year but this conflicts with previous disclosures showing that the gain had already been transferred and is explained as an error in those disclosures.

British Airways plc Period End 31 March 2009

British Airways plc Annual Report 2009

Deferral of fair value of mileage credits decreases equity by 6.4%

UK airline British Airways adopts early IFRIC 13 “Customer loyalty programmes” and defers the fair value of mileage credits granted under its frequent flyer programmes, leading to a £285 million increase in trade and other payables and a consequent 6.4% decrease in opening equity.

Increase in recoverable pension surplus recognised, as overall pension situation worsens

UK airline British Airways restates comparative employee benefit assets upwards by £235 million, leading to a 7.3% increase in equity, whilst not recognising accumulated actuarial losses that represent 48.5% of equity as it reports under the corridor method of IAS 19 “Employee benefits”.


Opap SA Period End 31 December 2007

Opap Annual Report Year 2007

Payments to betting games winners introduce liquidity risk
Greek gambling company OPAP explains how payments to winners of betting games give rise to theoretical liquidity risk.