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Novozymes A/S Monitor

Novozymes A/S Annual Report 2016
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Company covered: 
Novozymes A/S
Period End: 
31 December, 2016
Report issued on 18 July 2017 covered the following practice issues:
Introduction of new section "key audit matters" in auditors' report as a result of change in audit standards.
Allocation of goodwill to cash generating units for impairment test purposes changed.
Breakdown of key management remuneration includes "severance costs"
New principal risk factor added in respect of "Delay of BioAg commercialisation"
Extended discussion on the impacts of new standards including IFRS 9 and IFRS 16.
Goodwill on acquisition of business attributed to synergy benefits.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S Period End 31 December 2010

Vestas Wind Systems A/S Annual Report 2010
Change in revenue recognition policy significantly reduces prior year profit and equity
Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems changes its policies to delay the timing of recognising revenue from supply-and-installation projects and to record warranty provisions at an earlier time and the resultant restatements of prior year comparatives reduce pre-tax profit by 75% and equity by 24%.

Restructuring costs reduce profit by 40%
Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems records €158 million costs on a restructuring, mainly relating to impairments and staff costs, and reports them as a separate line item titled “one-off costs”.

Wolseley plc Period End 31 July 2010

Wolseley plc Annual Report 2010
Inventory expensed corrected to include deliveries between third parties
UK building materials supplier Wolseley has changed its accounting policy to include £901 million arising from deliveries between its suppliers and customers in inventory expensed, increasing the comparative total by 9.5%, with no effect on cost of sales or profit.

Associate impaired below net asset value
UK building materials supplier Wolseley writes off the £41 million net asset value of an interest in an associate as it considers the amount may be irrecoverable, reducing profit before tax by 14%.

Smiths Group plc Period End 31 July 2010

Smiths Group plc Annual Report 2010
Amounts drawn on standby letters of credit classified as contingent liability
UK technology company Smiths reclassifies as contingent liabilities £40.6 million supported by letters of credit utilised by its pension scheme, representing 28% of the current year total and tells us how a contingent liability is involved.

Another company restates key personnel remuneration
UK technology company Smiths increases comparative short-term remuneration of key management personnel by £1 million, or 16%, to £7.2 million, and tells us why it has restated the figure.

British Sky Broadcasting Group plc Period End 30 June 2010

British Sky Broadcasting Group plc Annual Report 2010
Related party disclosures scattered through annual report
UK broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting discloses how it intends to manage a potential offer by its largest shareholder to buy out other shareholders but does not, and is not required by IFRS, to concentrate disclosure of all relevant facts within the related parties note.

Litigation settlement boosts profit by 37%
UK broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting discloses that settlement in the current year of litigation, for which it previously disclosed an unquantified contingent asset, increases pre-tax profit by £318 million, or 37%.

BT Group plc Period End 31 March 2010

BT Group plc Annual Report 2010
Third party concerns revealed, as pensions deficit drives company into negative equity
UK telecoms company BT’s pensions deficit before deferred tax has increased to £7.9 billion in the year, as the company publishes additional detail on the calculation of liabilities and notes the “substantial” concerns of the Pensions Regulator as it moves into a £2.6 billion net liabilities position.

Non-executives included in key management personnel in correction of error
UK telecoms company BT restates its accounts to include its Chairman and non-executive directors in its disclosures on key management personnel, increasing comparative salaries and short-term benefits of these personnel by £1.6 million, or 23.5%, to £8.4 million.

Casino, Guichard-Perrachon SA Period End 31 December 2009

Casino, Guichard-Perrachon SA Annual Report 2009
Recognition of gain on dividend in specie increases profit by 20.2%
French retailer Casino, Guichard-Perrachon distributes shares in a subsidiary without losing control and recognises a €139 million gain in the income statement that increases pre-tax profit by 20.2%, noting that impending revisions to IFRS will not permit the current treatment.

Gap emerges in IFRS over accounting treatment of new French tax regime
French retailer Casino, Guichard-Perrachon discloses that it intends to account for elements of a new tax based on value added under IAS 12 “Income taxes” with effects on the income statement and deferred tax, as guidance by the French Accounting Standards Authority permits varying treatments.