Environmental information

SGS SA Monitor

SGS SA Annual Report 2017
CR Monitor Issue: 
Company covered: 
Period End: 
31 December,2017
Report issued on 4 April 2018 covered the following practice issues:
Disclosure of future impacts of new standards including quantification in respect of IFRS 9 "Financial instruments".
Extended risk disclosures
Tabular disclosure in respect of sustainable development.

Johnson Matthey plc Monitor

Johnson Matthey plc Annual Report 2017
CR Monitor Issue: 
Company covered: 
Johnson Matthey plc
Period End: 
31 March, 2017
Report issued on 7 November 2017 covered the following practice issues:
Tabular presentation of principal risks extended by inclusion of two new risk factors, "maintaining our competitive advantage" and "product quality".
Goodwill recognised on business combinations attributed to opportunities to access expertise and anticipated future synergies.
Added disclosure showing year on year comparison of results on a constant exchange rate basis.
Disclosures on social and environmental reporting extended by inclusion of a materiality assessment in the form of a diagram.
Discussion on non-GAAP measures introduced in a new annual report section.

Dechra Pharmaceuticals plc Period End 30 June 2010

Dechra Pharmaceuticals plc Annual Report 2010
Exceptional charges reduce profit by some 7%
UK veterinary products company Dechra Pharmaceuticals classifies as exceptional integration costs and impairment of intangible assets totalling £1.3 million that reduce profit by some 7%.

Ashmore Group plc Period End 30 June 2010

Ashmore Group plc Annual Report 2010
Share of associate’s net assets lower than carrying value but impairment not recognised
UK investment manager Ashmore shows its share of an associate’s net assets as £0.6 million compared to a carrying value of £2.3 million but does not consider that this difference constitutes an impairment.

Wärtsilä Corporation Period End 31 December 2009

Significant restructuring disclosed outside financial statements
Finnish engineering company Wärtsilä discloses a significant reduction of capacity, that it expects to lead to €140 million non-recurring costs equal to 25% of current year profit but, contrary to IFRS requirements, locates the principal disclosure outside the financial statements and notes.

State of order book included in segmental disclosures
Finnish engineering company Wärtsilä discloses information by three business areas, including significant declines of up to 83% in new orders, whilst drawing attention to limitations of the information.

Acciona SA Period End 31 December 2008

Acciona SA Annual Report 2008

Joint venture acquisition proves a passing fancy

Spanish construction company Acciona finalises the accounting for a €9.3 billion interest in a joint venture as an acquisition in stages and discloses a ten year management agreement, but then adds that it intends to dispose of its interest, whilst retaining renewable energy assets, in the next financial year.