Share-based payments - easyJet plc

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30 September, 2015
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S&P Europe 350
ICB Industry Classification: 
5751 Airlines
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easyJet in line with IFRS 2 "Share-based payment", discloses a description of each type of share-based payment arrangement that existed at any time during the period (para 45(a). (easyJet Annual Report 2015 - Page 109) For each of its individual schemes, easyJet discloses the number of options outstanding at both the start and end of the year and movements that have taken place during the year such as awards granted, forfeited and exercised plus the weighted average exercise prices of such awards (para 45(b)). It discloses the weighted average share price at the date of option exercise as part of its share capital note rather than in its share incentive schemes note.  For awards outstanding at the year end in line with IFRS 2 the company discloses the weighted average remaining contractual life and combined with its information on fair values the range of exercise prices (para d). The company in line with IFRS 2 discloses wider information as to how it determines fair values including the option pricing models it uses and how it detemines expected volatility (para 47). 

easyJet Annual Report 2015 - Page 109
easyJet Annual Report 2015 - Page 108
easyJet Annual Report 2015 - Page 109
easyJet Annual Report 2015 - Page 110
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